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What is a well-known name in snowboard bindings?


Technine snowboard bindings are well known and tried and true. Why?

If you want snowboard bindings that are:

  • Easy to use
  • Durable
  • High performance
  • Fully adjustable 6061 heat-treated T6 aluminum heel cup
  • Sport style mesh and leather straps with ladder stash
  • Custom rubber high back logo
  • Custom rubber hang tags
  • Hidden forward lean adjuster
  • Adjustable toe and hell ramps
  • 4 hole disc included 3 hole disc available
  • Non-loosening toe hardware
  • Extruded aluminum toe ratchet

These are all part of Technine snowboard bindings which makes them hard to beat.

Do snowboard bindings need to be tuned or adjusted?

Take Care

Maintain your snowboard bindings. Your board is not the only piece of your gear that needs regular tuning. Check the nuts, bolts, and screws on your bindings before you head out on the slopes each time and when you tune your board.

These parts can come apart – the constant pounding and vibrating of riding can cause these fasteners to come loose, but you don't have to let it ruin your day. Just check.

What is the difference between traditional and step in bindings?

Traditional vs. Step-In bindings

Tradional snowboard bindings have 2 or 3 straps that ratchet down to hold the snowboard boot in the binding, while step-in snowboard bindings are similar to ski binding system in that you can step in without having to tighten anything. Beginner snowboarders seem to like step-in snowboard bindings a little better because they can step in without sitting down.

We only endorse two brands of step-in snowboard bindings. The first is the Switch binding system by Vans, because it clears of snow easily and has a 4 point connection system for great control. The second is the Flow binding system which is unique because you can use a standard boot without a built-in highback.

Most professional freestyle snowboarders ride snowboard bindings with tradtional straps instead of step-in snowboard bindings. Traditional strap snowboard bindings allow them to tweak their airs that much more, and the strap systems have more style as well.

Are hard snowboard bindings a good idea for me?

Efficient Energy

Hard snowboard bindings bear the mark of good energy transmission, power, and efficiency on hard snow and hat higher speeds. These bindings are becoming more popular as alpine skiers are trying snowboarding.

Hard boot snowboard bindings are usually used with higher-stance angles and are attached to the board on a diagonal. These bindings are what you want if you are a snowboard racer.

What models of Technine snowboard bindings are available this year?

2005 Technine Bindings

Technine snowboard bindings are some of the most durable bindings on the market and they include a LIFETIME warranty. Honestly, what more could you ask for in a snowboard binding? The Technine binding team includes the infamous Mark Frank Montoya, Ali Goulet, Nate Bozung, and more.

The 2005 Technine binding lineup includes the following models:

  • Technine Combo Binding
  • Technine T9 Binding
  • Technine Junior Binding
  • Technine T9-XL Binding
  • Technine Pro Series Binding
  • Technine Ali Goulet Binding
  • Technine Mark Frank Montoya Binding
  • Technine MFM Solo Binding

Which models of Flow snowboard bindings are available this year?

2005 Flow Snowboard Bindings

Flow snowboard bindings have a releasable highback that pops back to allow your foot to enter in and then locks back in the upright position. They are compatible with any snowboarding boot regardless of the make or model (aside from racing hardboots). Our customers swear that once they try Flow bindings, they will never go back to traditional strap or step-ins. Flow truly has a fanatical following and we sell out of their bindings every year with no exceptions.

This year the Flow binding line includes the following models:

  • Flow Amp 9-FS Binding
  • Flow Amp 5-FS Binding
  • Flow Amp 9-FS Womens Binding
  • Flow Amp 5-FS Womens Binding
  • Flow Amp 5-FR Binding
  • Flow Pro S-FS Binding
  • Flow Pro S-FS Womens Binding
  • Flow Pro S-FR Binding
  • Flow Pro C-FR Binding
  • Flow Pro C-XFR Binding
  • Flow Pro 11-FR Binding
  • Flow MK4 Binding
  • Flow MK4 Womens Binding
  • Flow MK3 Binding
  • Flow MK3 Womens Binding
  • Flow Team Binding
  • Flow A1 Kids Binding
  • Flow A2 Kids Binding

Which models of Drake snowboard bindings are available this year?

2005 Drake Snowboard Bindings

The 2005 line of Drake snowboard bindings continues Drake's tradition of making killer bindings that can withstand a heavy beating. This year, Drake has three series - The Drake Axis, Drake Super Sport, and Drake Heavy Duty. All Drake bindings include a universal disk that will work with any three or four whole insert pattern.

This year's Drake binding lineup includes the following models:

  • Axis Series: Drake Limited Binding, Drake Podium Binding, Drake Matrix Binding, Drake Matrix Lady Binding
  • Super Sport Series: Drake Super Sport Binding, Drake Super Sport Lady Binding, Drake F-60 Binding
  • Heavy Duty Series: Drake Mikey LeBlanc Binding, Drake F-50 Binding, Drake LF Binding, Drake F-50 Lady Binding, Drake GT Binding

How come some bindings have three straps?

Three is Better than Two

Three-strap snowboard bindings feature an additional strap that fastens around the rider's shin. This third strap provides more support and leverage to tilt the board on the toe edge.

You may like this feature if you have been as skier and are used to greater stabilization, or if you enjoy the comfort of a soft boot, but want the control while carving at higher speeds.

What do Drake snowboard bindings do?

Work Together

Drake snowboard bindings work to provide an ideal and effective interface between boot and binding. Some of the new breakthroughs in Drake snowboard bindings in 2006 include: smoother adjust-ability, new heel cups, smarter straps, better hi-backs and advanced buckles and bores.

Drake wants their wearers to understand feel the critical functionality between boot and board. Drake has worked out a transmission of power and control from boot to board that feels beautiful and seamless to any rider. Drake snowboard bindings range all skill levels and can be affordable for most budgets.

What are baseless bindings?

No Base?

The baseless binding is a variation of the freestyle binding, but instead of having a rigid base plate, the binding straps fasten the boot directly to the board. These bindings will provide better boot-to-board contact feel, but are more difficult to cut with at higher speeds.

Which models of Ride snowboard bindings are available this year?

2005 Ride Snowboard Bindings

Ride snowboard bindings offer the perfect balance of lightweight, response, fit, and durability to provide maximum board control. Ride accomplishes this through the use of their super light 6061-T6 Aluminum Base for quick energy transfer and bomb-proof durability; fit features such as 3D Ankle Pads, Grip Matrix materials and Stance-Correct Highbacks which minimize lag time; and load dispersion features like Multi-Density Padding, Landing Pads, and Grip-Pods that allow the Rider to drive harder into the bindings while maintaining comfort. You really can't go wrong when you put your boot into a Ride snowboard binding.

This year's Ride binding lineup includes the following models:

  • Ride Flight Mig Binding
  • Ride Flight Tomcat Binding
  • Ride Team Binding
  • Ride SPi Binding
  • Ride DVa Womens Binding
  • Ride EX Binding
  • Ride VXn Womens Binding
  • Ride LX Binding
  • Ride LS Binding
  • Ride Micro LS Kids Binding

What do snowboard bindings do?

We All Have Jobs

The job of the snowboard bindings is to transfer the energy of the rider's movements to the snowboard. There are many styles of snowboard bindings to match the basic styles of riding. The soft-boot bindings are freestyle bindings, baseless bindings, and three-strap bindings. There are hard-boot or plate bindings, and then step-in bindings.

What is the most popular type of snowboard binding?

Muscle Power

The freestyle snowboard bindings are the most popular type of snowboard binding. They have two straps that fasten over the boots and attach to the board. These bindings will perform well in many situations and work best when you want plenty of ankle movement.

Freestyle bindings require more muscular effort to control the board than other binding systems because the rider does not have as much leverage as they do when moving the lower leg against a hard boot cuff.

Do advanced riders use the same type of snowboard bindings as beginners?

Join the Agency

Agency snowboard bindings are some of the best in the business. Riders looking for these top of the line and specific features, look to Agency.

Agency snowboard bindings have:

  • Double shot multi-density asymmetrical powering response
  • A high back with over-bolded casket and full length eva pad
  • A new asymmetrical three dimensional molded quilted foam package with added tuned to channel later strap
  • 6061 T6 aircraft grade aluminum adjustable heel cup
  • Six-tooth pull double agent aluminum buckles
  • Heel dampening pad with base extension
  • Tool-less forward lean adjustment
  • Over-sided split toe strap
  • Specialty Agency A-frame base.

What is the easiest type of snowboard binding to use?

Fast, Frequent, Flow

Flow snowboard bindings have been voted the easiest snowboard bindings to get in and out of many years in a row. When you buy a Flow snowboard, there is a Flow snowboard boot and Flow bindings set made specifically for the type of riding you want to do and will go perfectly with the Flow snowboard that you buy. If you want the full package, go with the Flow.

What models of Agency snowboard bindings are available this year?

2005 Agency Bindings

Agency bindings are made by the fine folks at Vans, and they are a rider-focused binding company. Agency snowboard bindings are all about creative expression and rider progression. The 2005 Agency binding lineup includes the following models:

  • Agency Tro'it Binding
  • Agency Implant Binding
  • Agency Eleven34 Binding

What does Ride do with bindings?

Balance is Best

The objective behind Ride snowboard bindings is to offer balance of response, durability, and minimal weight to provide maximum board control. Their bindings are made for advanced mobility flex in all directions, enhanced toe-heel response, additional side-to-side mobility flex, and all-purpose mid-flex in all directions.

Ride snowboard bindings are made for all levels and can also be used by the more experienced rider, but are always a sound and safe investment.

Should I try step-in or strap-in bindings?

Step On It!

Step-in snowboard bindings are the most recent in boot and binding systems to hit the snowboard scene. Step-ins ease entry into and exit from the rear bindings. Step-in bindings are designed to work with either hard or soft boots. These bindings are great for beginners and renters.

How do I choose a pair of snowboard bindings?

Choosing snowboard bindings

The single most important tip for choosing a pair of snowboard bindings is to try them on with your snowboard boots. The fit between your snowboard boot and snowboard binding is critical and a bad match will make you wish you had purchased something else. Put your snowboard boots in the snowboard bindings, strap them on as tightly as you would when riding, and make sure things feel ok. If possible, attach the snowboard bindings to a snowboard and hop around a bit to get the feel of them.

In general, more expensive bindings are stiffer, compoesed of tougher materials, and allow for faster adjustments. Cheaper bindings are flexible for control at slower speeds, but can sometimes be less comfortable.

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