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What is the point of locking up my snowboard?

Leave and Lose

Would you go into a store and leave your car with your wallet and credit cards in it unlocked in the parking lot?

Would you leave the keys in the ignition while you ran into the sub shop just for a ten minute pick up?

Leaving your snowboard unlocked in the rack while you go inside for a hot chocolate is like leaving the keys in your car. Anyone with a pair boots can strap on your board and be gone without anyone noticing a thing.

Get a snowboard lock. They are light and easy to use. You'll be glad that your eight hundred dollars worth of equipment is still there after lunch.

What do I need for backcountry snowboarding?

Backcountry Riding

Some of the snowboarding accessories you'll need for back country riding not only include cold-weather gear even in the springtime, but are different than what you'll need for resort boarding. You will encounter corn snow, so be sure you have a diamond stone to tune up your board after a few runs.

Ride with a pack. This will affect your balance, so you should practice on flat or easy terrain before going to the back country. You are responsible for your own safety, so be smart.

Carry a map, a compass, water and water bottles, flashlight or head lamp with extra batteries, a first aid kit, extra food, extra clothing, sunglasses, a pocket knife, matches in a waterproof container, and a fire starter.

Who can I learn snowboarding best from?

Get Certified

If you want to become a serious snowboarder, or perhaps a snowboard instructor, you should take a first aid course. It does you no good to have the first aid kit with you if you don't know how to use it. First aid knowledge can save your life or a friend's life when boarding back country or on any regular slope.

Understand avalanches and how to avoid them. Snowboarding is not a dangerous sport (well, not any more dangerous than skiing, or other snow sports, when done correctly and at an appropriate time. Do not try boarding terrain you are not ready for. Increase your challenge level at a pace you can handle.

Is there special gear for backcountry snowboarding?

Backcountry Gear

Other essential snowboard accessories for backcountry boarding include an avalanche beacon/probe and shovel, extra sunblock, goggles, ice ax, crampons, showshoes, repair kit, and helmet.

When backcountry snowboarding, always go with a friend and let others know when and where you'll be going. Take it slow on the ascent, be alert, and enjoy the best part - the descent!

Do I need to have snowboarding tools with me when I board?

Tool Savvy

Which snowboard tools should you carry with you when you ride? The answer: a diamond stone or a whetstone. Mountains are made of rocks and you will frequently hit them while riding.

The heat generated by sudden impact with a rock can change the temperature of the metal edge and make it harder. If you run a file along the metal edge it can damage the edge, but a stone can remove any case-hardened burrs along the edges before you file them sharp.

What is the best kind of snowboarding tool to buy?

Bakoda Best

Bakoda snowboard tools are no-nonsense gear. Bakoda has committed itself to making snowboard tools that make sense on the mountain and add something extra to each person's riding experience.

Bakoda snowboard tools are gear that performs well in all elements and has a sophisticated style. Bakoda snowboard tools are a mix of innovation, function, and style.

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