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Why should I get snowboard wrist guards?

Don't Break Anything

A young boy about age thirteen was beginning his snowboard career. He went with his friend's family to a mountain up north. His friend's mother, much to his mortification, impressed upon this boy's mother that it would be a good idea for him to wear his roller blade wrist guards under his gloves.

She explained to the boy's mother that falling in snowboarding is either backward or forward and kids have an instinct to stick out their arms and hands to stop or brace themselves.

The boy was so embarrassed, but once on the trip, he had to obey his friend's mother. The second day when he climbed out of the woods with two broken wrist guards but no broken bones, he learned the reason for snowboard wrist guards.

What safety gear do I need when snowboarding?

Be Safe

Whether you are an experienced snowboarder or just starting out, snowboard safety must be the first lesson you learn and needs to be always present in your mind. Before donning your jacket, pants, boots, and gloves, all important snowboard equipment, prepare yourself by making sure you have the proper snowboard safety gear.

Snowboard goggles, a snowboard helmet, and snowboard wrist guards are the most necessary, and should be mandatory, snowboard safety gear. Don't ride the mountain without a snowboard helmet.

How do I protect my eyes from the sun and snow?

You Need to See

If you can't see, you can't ride. Snowboard goggles protect your eyes from the sun, whose glare and damaging rays are amplified when reflecting off the snow, and they protect your eyes from blowing snow.

Wearing snowboard goggles keeps you safe as well as the other riders and skiers on the mountain. Snowboard goggles help you to avoid collisions and maintain safe riding practices.

Can I pick what kind of snowboard safety gear looks good on me?

Look Smart

Not only are snowboard helmets functional safety equipment, they are also made to be stylish in different patterns, shapes, and colors. Want your snowboard helmet to coordinate with your board or your jacket? It can!

Get pink, sparkles, camouflage, or plain black and you'll be the best looking and smartest boarder on the mountain.

Do snowboarders have to act or ride any special way when on the mountain?

Wear Safe, Act Safe

Snowboard safety is not only about snowboard safety gear you can wear, but how you conduct yourself while riding on the mountain. Skiers and snowboarders have equal right to all terrain excepting the half pipes and or board parks.

When riding trails, keep your speed under control, when passing other skiers or riders try to stay to their outside and make sure you talk to them - telling them you are coming up on their right or left, and when clipping or strapping onto your board after getting off the lift, move to the side so you don't get run into!

What kind of snowboard pack should I get?

Pack it Up

You should look for snowboard packs that come complete with rubber end tabs, zipper pulls, and tow handles with top webbing for the most comfortable carrying around. Also, try to find a snowboard pack with soft-touch buckles and aluminum buckles on all adjustable shoulder straps.

Snowboard packs are convenient to have and make boarding trips easier and more comfortable if you have all your gear in one place.

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