2005 Flow Snowboard Bindings

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Which models of Flow snowboard bindings are available this year?

2005 Flow Snowboard Bindings

Flow snowboard bindings have a releasable highback that pops back to allow your foot to enter in and then locks back in the upright position. They are compatible with any snowboarding boot regardless of the make or model (aside from racing hardboots). Our customers swear that once they try Flow bindings, they will never go back to traditional strap or step-ins. Flow truly has a fanatical following and we sell out of their bindings every year with no exceptions.

This year the Flow binding line includes the following models:

  • Flow Amp 9-FS Binding
  • Flow Amp 5-FS Binding
  • Flow Amp 9-FS Womens Binding
  • Flow Amp 5-FS Womens Binding
  • Flow Amp 5-FR Binding
  • Flow Pro S-FS Binding
  • Flow Pro S-FS Womens Binding
  • Flow Pro S-FR Binding
  • Flow Pro C-FR Binding
  • Flow Pro C-XFR Binding
  • Flow Pro 11-FR Binding
  • Flow MK4 Binding
  • Flow MK4 Womens Binding
  • Flow MK3 Binding
  • Flow MK3 Womens Binding
  • Flow Team Binding
  • Flow A1 Kids Binding
  • Flow A2 Kids Binding



12/17/2008 4:10:52 PM
Dylan said:

I rode Flow Flite 3's for one season, worked great, very easy, very convenient, but the screws kept coming loose, to the point where I was riding down the hill on one rear binding, carrying my front one in my hand.


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