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Do all good snowboarders wear helmets?

Just Wear It

Snowboarding helmets come on every professional snowboarder, so why don't they come on regular riders like you and me? When in Rome, do as the Romans do. When on the slopes, do as the professionals do. Wear a snowboarding helmet!

Why should I wear a snowboard helmet, they are not mandatory by law.

Don't Take the Risk

Would you ride a bicycle in traffic or forty miles an hour down a hill without a bicycle helmet? Of course not. The statistics have proven time and again that bicycle helmets are as essential and necessary as seatbelts or airbags. Bicycle helmets are a law for riders under twelve years old.

Because snowboarding and skiing are sports done in the snow and away from other vehicle traffic, the statistics are less staggering, but should be taken as seriously. Only 15-24% of skiers and snowboarders wear helmets on the slopes, yet there are still unnecessary deaths each year.

Don't let yourself or your child fall victim to the invincibility mindset some dangerous skiers and riders have. Get a snowboard helmet.

What companies make snowboarding helmets?

Head Protection

The following snowboard helmets and snowboard helmet brands are some of the more popular because of their light weight construction and stylish look.

  • Giro makes a lightweight and well-ventilated helmet with removable earflaps and goggle loop.
  • Pro Tec snowboarding helmets are skate-inspired and well priced.
  • Red, K2, and Boeri all make well-ventilated, warm, and affordable helmets as well.

How do I look good when wearing a helmet?

Warm and Weathered

Not only are snowboard helmets the smartest snowboarding accessory you will buy for safety sake, they are also the best looking accessory. Snowboard helmets keep ears warm and heads ventilated, chins protected by guards, and come in low-profile styles and fun prints and colors.

How do I choose a snowboard helmet?

Choosing a Snowboard Helmet

Very few serious snowboard injuries involve head trauma. It is usually just the high profile ones. Helmets give everyone a sense of security.

  • The beginner snowboarder will benefit from a snowboard helmet because it will protect the back of their head when catching an edge.
  • More advanced riders wear a snowboard helmet to protect against things like trees or impact when landing wrong off a jump.

When trying on a snowboard helmet, make sure it fits very snug and try on as many different models as you can. Some helmets offer more insulation than others, and you may end up wearing a thin cap under the helmet to stay warm, so if this is the case be sure to wear this when you are trying snowboard helmets on.

We also suggest looking at snowboard helmets with removable earflaps and padding because they can help you regulate your temperature on cold or hot days.

What are Giro snowboard helmets?

The Hero of It All

A giro snowboard helmet provides head protection with the best technology and are a good price. Giro's snowboard helmets incorporate the best technology and features such as, EPS liners, in-mold construction, goggle notch, thermostat ventilation control, and are very cool looking.

Giro snowboard helmets are great for your teenage rider who will not yet accept that they should wear a snowboard helmet for safety, but will wear it if they look cool in it!

What 2005 models of Giro helmet are available?

Giro Snowboard Helmets

Giro Helmets are built tough to keep your noggin safe and sound. Giro has been making helmets since 1985. They started with bike helmets and they have since grown into ski and snowboard helmets.

The Giro Audio series includes built in headphones for your mp3 player, cellphone, or whatever else you want to plug in and is one of the most popular lines this year.

The 2005 Giro Helmet lineup includes the following models:

  • Audio Series Giro Nine.9 Audio Helmet
  • Giro Fuse Audio Helmet
  • Giro Bad Lieutenant Audio Helmet
  • Giro Nine.9MX Audio Helmet
  • Freestyle/Freeride Giro Nine.9 Helmet
  • Giro Fuse Helmet
  • Giro Bad Lieutenant Helmet
  • Giro Nine.9MX Audio Helmet
  • Giro S4 Helmet
  • Big Mountain/Boarder X Giro Mad Max S Helmet
  • Freecarve/Race Giro Streif Helmet
  • Giro Talon Helmet
  • Giro Sestriere Helmet
  • Youth Giro Sonic Helmet
  • Giro Ricochet Helmet

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