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What is special about snowboard boots?

Boot Basics

Snowboard boots are either made soft, similar to snow boats or hiking boots, but more structured and stronger, or hard like ski boots. Don't wear any other type of footwear for snowboarding, however.

Snowboard boots have built in support that helps transmit the energy created by how you move on the board. The soles are shorter than other similarly sized footwear. This reduces the possibility of toe and heel overhang.

What makes snowboard boots so stable?


The exterior of soft snowboard boots are made of leather, canvas, or rubber. The interior is equipped with a support structure that helps the rider easily control the board. Soft snowboard boots allow a fairly wide range of angle motion. This makes them preferable for freestyle boarding and for soft snow conditions.

Soft snowboard boots are good for beginners as well because they allow more room for error, are warm, comfortable, and easy to walk around in.

Are hard snowboard boots or soft snowboard boots better?

Hard Times

Hard snowboard boots are better than soft snowboard boots for carving at higher speeds because they provide more support. The hard shell on hard snowboard boots provides greater leverage, power, and precision to edging movements.

These boots are best for those who like to carve or race. Hard plastic boots are hardly ever used with freestyle boards because the stiff boot cuff doesn't allow enough range of ankle movement for acrobatic tricks.

Should I try Northwave snowboard boots?

Nothing Wrong Up North

Northwave snowboard boots have been synonymous with quality since 1991. Northwave snowboard boots emphasize “fit,” and “true fit.” Northwave boots have a quicker, user-friendly lacing method, a progressive system to simplify boot entry and exit.

Northwave's new boots are slimmed down and lightened up. The Italian handcrafted quality and latest advances in materials and building techniques bring riders superior fit and durability with a range of prices for every rider and style.

What is different about Ride snowboard boots?

Not Too Heavy

A ride snowboard boot is integrated construction cuts length and weight where it is not needed yet maintains support and comfort for premium performance. These boots are ultra-lightweight, with a liner that is secured into the boot, Thinsulate insulation, aegis anti-microbial coating, and dri-lex moisture management.

The HP construction boots have a mid-sole built directly to the liner to get rid of hard layers that are found in standard boot constructions. The HP gives a thinner, board-sensing feel without giving up shock absorption and comfort.

Does Vans make snowboard boots?

From Sneakers to Boots

Danny Kass has designed three signature models of Vans snowboard boots. These boots have power straps on both forefoot and cuff. This will assure convenient and supportive closure. Riders like Danny Kass need extra hold, so these boots have instep panels that cradle the heel to provide this extra hold.

Vans snowboard boots have a standard for all mountain free riders; they use the top of the line boa coiler closure system and extremely important Recco rescue reflectors.

What are rossignol snowboard boots like?

One For All

A rossignol snowboard boot is very affordable, come in all sizes and foot widths, and are specifically made for men, women, or kids. Rossignol snowboard boot construction provides support with added flexibility for a varied range of users.

Rossignol makes snowboard boots that are designed for all terrains and they are a great "compromise boot" that can be used for both freeride and freestyle. Rossignol is a trusted company and their products will last a long time.

Do most companies make women's snowboard boots?

Girls Can Ride With It

Ride and other companies make women's snowboard boots that better fit the details of women's feet, specifically:

  • Unique arch height
  • Forefoot width
  • Heel and ankle shape
  • Calf size

It is true that men's and women's snowboards do not have to be very much different from one another because boards are specific by height and weight. Men and women do have very different feet however.

Women's snowboard boots are a must for any girl or women out there who spend day after day on the mountain. You need to be comfortable and protected to be effective.

Are Ride snowboard boots lightweight?


Ride has focused on making their snowboard boots the very best in comfort, fit, and performance. Ride snowboard boots have lightweight designs and use quality materials, such as the lace slider with locking tab, full height and body active foam, integrated construction and streamlined HP construction.

Which models of Northwave snowboard boots are available this year?

2005 Northwave Snowboard Boots

When you buy a Northwave snowboard boot, you are getting a product that is hand made in Italy. Northwave makes several models of boots this year that include the Boa cable lacing system. They also have plenty of models that use tradional laces as well.

This year's lineup includes the following Northwave boot models:

  • Northwave Concept Boot
  • Northwave Reset Boa Boot
  • Northwave Kevin Jones Boot
  • Northwave APX 5 Boot
  • Northwave Legend Boot
  • Northwave Quest Boa Boot
  • Northwave APX - Vintage Boot
  • Northwave Freedom Boot
  • Northwave Fury Boot
  • Northwave Freedom Jr. Boot
  • Northwave Reset Boa Lady Boot
  • Northwave Legend Lady Boot
  • Northwave Quest Boa Lady Boot
  • Northwave Vintage Lady Boot
  • Northwave Freedom Lady Boot

How do I choose a pair of snowboard boots?

Choosing Snowboard Boots

When choosing snowboard boots it is important to try on as many different brands as you can so you can get a feel for how each of them fit.

Like sneakers, all brands of snowboard boots will conform to your feet differently. Lace them up when you try them on. You don't ride with them unlaced do you?

Lean forward once you have the snowboard boot laced up, bending your knees and ankles. Your toes should come off the end slightly. Your heel should be snug, not loose. Your heel will always rise when you are pushing down with your toe because the snowboard boot sole is stiff and won't flex.

Walk around the shop with the boots on to make sure you don't feel any pressure or rubbing in bad places.

Which models of Vans snowboard boots are available this year?

2005 Vans Snowboard Boots

A Vans snowboard boot will look good in 2005. Vans continues to offer several models with the Boa cable lacing system, and pro models are available from both Danny Kass and Tara Dakides. Put your foot in a Vans snowboard boot and you won't be sorry. This year's Vans boot lineup includes the following models:

  • Vans Contra Boot
  • Vans Fargo Boot
  • Vans Danny Kass II Boot
  • Vans Team Boot
  • Vans Encore Boot
  • Vans Hi Standard Boot
  • Vans Mantra Boot
  • Vans Flyaway Boot
  • Vans Mantra X Boot
  • Vans Mach Boot
  • Vans Omni Boot
  • Vans Contra Womens Boot
  • Vans Tara Dakides Womens Boot
  • Vans Encore Womens Boot
  • Vans Hi Standard Womens Boot
  • Vans Mantra Womens Boot
  • Vans Flyaway Womens Boot
  • Vans Mantra X Womens Boot
  • Vans Mach Womens Boot

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