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How do I keep my hands dry and warm when snowboarding?

Drier is Better

Make sure the snowboard gloves you choose have a removable, washable liner. Just as you should wear non-cotton, wool or synthetic socks made to keep moisture away from your feet while in snowboard boots, so should you have snowboard gloves with a liner that performs the same action – to keep your hands dry and warm.

You're hands will sweat when out on the mountain. If your snowboard gloves have removable liners, you can take these out and wash them so your hands will also be clean.

What should my snowboarding gloves be made of?

Carry Carefully

Be careful when carrying your snowboard. The edges are sharp and can cut through the material of your snowboarding jacket, your snowboard pants, or even your snowboard gloves.

Snowboard gloves especially take a beating when you ride. Use mittens or gloves with strong, durable, waterproof and reinforced material on the fingers and the palms.

Should I wear ski pants when snowboarding?

Sit and Stand

In addition to hands in the snow, snowboarders spend a bit of time sitting or kneeling in the snow. This amount of time depends on the type of bindings on your board and how capable or a rider you are, for instance, if you must sit down to strap into your board or fall frequently, you are in the snow a lot more.

Regardless, because if this aspect of snowboarding, snowboard pants have reinforced seats and knees. Good snowboard pants are entirely waterproof yet made with a breathable fabric or vents. The reinforced seats and knees help ensure that the snowboard pants do not rip easily and will not wear out.

Is there lots of snowboard apparel I can choose from?

Did You Know…?

Some snowboard apparel and gear you'll need that you may not have thought of includes warm socks that fit – a thin synthetic liner covered by a thicker wool or pile sock works well, a hat and/or neck warmer, sunblock, gaiters if you are trekking through deep snow, lip balm with sunblock, and heat packs.

There is nothing worse then being uncomfortably cold, sunburned, wet, or unprepared when you are just looking for a nice day on the mountain.

How do I look?

Feel Good

Key features of snowboarding apparel include a generous cut; tough, breathable fabric; zippered vents; and reinforcement at stress points. The generous cut of snowboarding jackets and snowboard pants allows for freedom of movement and provides warmth and protection.

Snowboarding can be tough on your clothes, so look for snowboard apparel with a tough, waterproof, breathable shell, and triple stitched seams, reinforced material on the sides of jackets, knees and rear of pants. Look for zippers that have zip-pulls so you can grab them and zip or unzip your jacket, pockets, or vents without removing your gloves or mittens.

What is so special about snowboard gloves?

Get Down

Snowboarders spend more time with their hands in the snow than do skiers. Shouldn't it then follow that gloves made for skiers and snowboarders should be different? Well, they are.

Snowboard gloves are generally made with more layers on the palm and underside of the fingers than ski gloves. Also, many snowboard gloves are longer than ski gloves with extra waterproof fabric to come up over the edges of the boarder's jacket.

This extra feature of snowboard gloves helps keep snow from finding its way into the boarder's gloves when their hands are in the snow.

Gloves or mittens?

Happy Fingers

Are you a glove or a mitten person? Mittens generally have a glove liner on the inside, and a warmer, waterproof shell. This design allows the wearer to spend more time with hands in the snow without getting too cold, but also the ability to take their glove lined hands out of the mitten for greater dexterity to reach into pockets, for example, without being exposed to the elements.

Snowboard gloves, however, allow the wearer great movement and finger dexterity without having to remove any part of the shell. Snowboard gloves also usually have a glove liner, yet the wearer can strap onto the board, get something from a pocket, etc., with greater ease.

How are snowboarding jackets different from ski jackets?

Get Moving!

Many snowboarding jackets are longer in the back than they are in the front. Or, snowboarding jackets are equal length all the way around, yet longer than ski jackets.

Why? Because snowboarding is a sport with a lot of movement – up and down from the ground, the lifts, the sides of half pipes, and longer jackets prevent snow from getting up to the waist of the boarder and keeps the wearer warmer while in contact with the ground.

Can women do tricks as well as men?

Women Rule the Slopes

As with so many other women's extreme sports, or any sports that were traditionally male-dominated, women's snowboarding is becoming more and more popular. Women are generally lighter and can be more flexible, so watching them do tricks can be more interesting and even more exciting than watching many of the men do similar tricks.

Get in on women's snowboarding now, and don't get left out. There are professional endorsements for women as there are for men, there just aren't as many women snowboarders yet. But there will be, and they could you be you!

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