Traditional vs. Step-In bindings

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What is the difference between traditional and step in bindings?

Traditional vs. Step-In bindings

Tradional snowboard bindings have 2 or 3 straps that ratchet down to hold the snowboard boot in the binding, while step-in snowboard bindings are similar to ski binding system in that you can step in without having to tighten anything. Beginner snowboarders seem to like step-in snowboard bindings a little better because they can step in without sitting down.

We only endorse two brands of step-in snowboard bindings. The first is the Switch binding system by Vans, because it clears of snow easily and has a 4 point connection system for great control. The second is the Flow binding system which is unique because you can use a standard boot without a built-in highback.

Most professional freestyle snowboarders ride snowboard bindings with tradtional straps instead of step-in snowboard bindings. Traditional strap snowboard bindings allow them to tweak their airs that much more, and the strap systems have more style as well.



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