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Is Dakine a good brand?

Protect in Style

2006 is the 25th anniversary of DAKINE products. DAKINE develops products for the top professionals in every board sport, especially snowboarding. DAKINE has built a reputation for innovation and quality. DAKINE guarantees all of it's products.

A DAKINE snowboard bag includes features such as:

  • Deployable shoulder straps so they can be worn as a backpack
  • Carry handles for support
  • Padded and tarp lined bottom
  • Full length zipper for easy access
  • Zippered accessory pockets
  • Zippered interior pockets accommodate boots, outerwear, etc.
  • Stealth deck compartments
  • High quality urethane wheels
  • Split level designs

Is it worth having a bag for my snowboard?


Look for snowboarding bags made with fabrics that have waterproof PVC backing and are stitched with bonded nylon thread These types of snowboarding bags will protect your board better than the less expensive, but lesser reinforced bags.

More standard features on most snowboard bags, not just top of the line bags include box X stitching on stress points, rubber end grip tabs, zipper pulls, an address window, luggage tags, and soft-touch buckles.

What does a snowboard bag do?

Make it Easy

Don't let your snowboard get caught in the cold, or banged into while loading it in and out of your car, or mistreated in anyway. Protect your board, carry your gear, and make things easier on yourself. Get a snowboard bag for car or day trips.

A snowboard travel bag can be a worthwhile purchase if you take many trips that require a plane ride or extended period of time. Snowboards can be (and should be) sharp. They can cut your gloves and you clothes, so protect your apparel as well as your board with a snowboarding bag.

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