Keeping your Snowboard Tuned

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How do I keep my snowboard properly tuned?

Keeping your Snowboard Tuned

We strongly suggest getting your snowboard tuned by a professional with the right machines at least once a year. A snowboard is too expensive to not take care of properly.

You can maintain your tune with a sharpening stone or fine file by lightly running it over the edges, slightly angled off the base. Most shops will put a 1 degree base bevel on a snowboard when they tune it which helps prevent you from catching an edge.

You should put a slight angle on the side edges. A shop will usually do a 2-3 degree bevel on the side edges to get better edge hold.

Finally, you should "detune", or dull your tip and tail from where the board would contact the snow on one side all the way around to the other contact point this will help prevent this area from catching on the snow and flipping you on your back or chest.



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