In Order to Wax. . .

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How do I wax my own snowboard?

In Order to Wax. . .

Follow these steps for waxing your snowboard and you'll be speeding down the mountain as fast as you can.

  1. Select a snowboard wax appropriate for the temperature range you'll be riding in.
  2. Place your board on a work bench.
  3. Preheat the waxing iron on low.
  4. Adjust the temperature to medium, test a small piece of wax to make sure it does not smoke or your iron is too hot.
  5. With the tip of the iron lightly touching the board, melt the wax against the iron so it runs in a thin stream onto the base. Move the iron so you leave a bead of wax that you can later iron onto the base. You want a thin layer of wax.
  6. Keep the iron flat, and move in small circles. Spread the wax bead out until the entire base is covered with a thin film.
  7. Longer periods of waxing while keeping the iron moving is best.
  8. Allow wax to cool for twenty to thirty minutes. Use a plastic scraper to remove extra wax – take off as much as you can so you only have a thin layer.
  9. Polish with a ScotchBrite buffing pad.
  10. Brush the base from tip to tail with a nylon brush for cold conditions or a metal brush for warm conditions.



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