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What factors determine how snowboards are made?

Big Foot

Snowboards are built with three variables in mind.

  • The first is terrain preference, which determines the board shape or outline.
  • The second is foot size, which determines the width of the board.
  • The third is the rider's weight, which will decide the length and flex pattern of the board.

Generally, the more you weigh, the longer your board can be. Also, the larger your foot size, the wider your board will need to be. And, heavier you are the greater you will want the sidecut of the board in order to turn effectively.

For example, if you weigh between 130-170 pounds and your foot size smaller than 24.5 (mondopoint measurement), you should ride a board between 140-150cm long, 23-24cm wide, and with a sidecut of 750-850cm.

These measurements are based on a freeride or freestyle boarder on higher slopes on big mountains. If you are riding smaller mountains and lower slopes, the length measurements and sidecut measurements will be smaller.



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