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Do Venue snowboards have anything special to offer?

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The technology used by Venue snowboards is geared toward advanced style. Venue uses its own blend of glass, termed V2, in all their boards to create flex while providing maximum durability.

Venue snowboards employ full ABS slant sidewalls, and create full fusion between sidewall and wood core before the board enters the mold. This makes for an extremely durable sidewall and allows zero tolerance for shifting of the core and sidewalls during the production of the boards.

Venue is catering to riders who are looking for lighter boards yet needing them to be stronger than ever. To do this, Venue has added Carbon X reinforcements in the tip and tail sections of their boards for power transmission from binding to edge.

Dual carbon beams have also been placed vertically in the center of the boards to give them strength. Venue designers have developed dual wood core technology, which adds torsional stiffness and allows for more snap out of turns.



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