Don't Break Anything

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Why should I get snowboard wrist guards?

Don't Break Anything

A young boy about age thirteen was beginning his snowboard career. He went with his friend's family to a mountain up north. His friend's mother, much to his mortification, impressed upon this boy's mother that it would be a good idea for him to wear his roller blade wrist guards under his gloves.

She explained to the boy's mother that falling in snowboarding is either backward or forward and kids have an instinct to stick out their arms and hands to stop or brace themselves.

The boy was so embarrassed, but once on the trip, he had to obey his friend's mother. The second day when he climbed out of the woods with two broken wrist guards but no broken bones, he learned the reason for snowboard wrist guards.



10/5/2009 9:48:18 PM
snurfer rules said:

I am a snurfer(it means really good boarder). I started to snowboard when I was 10 and I don't really see the need for roller blade wrist guards, I mean, it could be a tip for new boarders
but when I was a newbie I didn't have any broken bones and I only wore gloves, my other snowboarder firends are ok too.


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