Choosing a Snowboard Helmet

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How do I choose a snowboard helmet?

Choosing a Snowboard Helmet

Very few serious snowboard injuries involve head trauma. It is usually just the high profile ones. Helmets give everyone a sense of security.

  • The beginner snowboarder will benefit from a snowboard helmet because it will protect the back of their head when catching an edge.
  • More advanced riders wear a snowboard helmet to protect against things like trees or impact when landing wrong off a jump.

When trying on a snowboard helmet, make sure it fits very snug and try on as many different models as you can. Some helmets offer more insulation than others, and you may end up wearing a thin cap under the helmet to stay warm, so if this is the case be sure to wear this when you are trying snowboard helmets on.

We also suggest looking at snowboard helmets with removable earflaps and padding because they can help you regulate your temperature on cold or hot days.



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