2005 Vans Snowboard Boots

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Which models of Vans snowboard boots are available this year?

2005 Vans Snowboard Boots

A Vans snowboard boot will look good in 2005. Vans continues to offer several models with the Boa cable lacing system, and pro models are available from both Danny Kass and Tara Dakides. Put your foot in a Vans snowboard boot and you won't be sorry. This year's Vans boot lineup includes the following models:

  • Vans Contra Boot
  • Vans Fargo Boot
  • Vans Danny Kass II Boot
  • Vans Team Boot
  • Vans Encore Boot
  • Vans Hi Standard Boot
  • Vans Mantra Boot
  • Vans Flyaway Boot
  • Vans Mantra X Boot
  • Vans Mach Boot
  • Vans Omni Boot
  • Vans Contra Womens Boot
  • Vans Tara Dakides Womens Boot
  • Vans Encore Womens Boot
  • Vans Hi Standard Womens Boot
  • Vans Mantra Womens Boot
  • Vans Flyaway Womens Boot
  • Vans Mantra X Womens Boot
  • Vans Mach Womens Boot



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