Get the Most Tricky

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I'm a good snowboarder, but don't know any tricks. Can I try something more advanced?

Get the Most Tricky

Two of the more advanced snowboard tricks you'll see, and are just sane enough to want to try, are the backside 360 and the McTwist.

Backside 360: ride into the jump on a flat base on or your heel edge. When you get to the take off, put all your weight on your toes. At the same time, rotate your head and shoulders backside to begin the spin. Rotate as one unit and not jerky. Compact your body as much as possible – this will make it easier. Spot your landing when you come around and land square with both feet.

Snowboard trick tip: Get a professional to teach you the McTwist. It is a 540 turn around the vertical axis as well as a 360 turn around the horizontal axis. Good luck.



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