Where Tricks Come From

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What are some tricky moves I can show my friends?

Where Tricks Come From

Some snowboard tricks are named for their inventors. The Cab 540 is named after skateboarder Steve Caballero. The Cab 540 is actually half of a Caballerial, the original trick, which is to ride up backwards and rotate around forward.

Learn to ride your snowboard backwards, fakie, or switch. Ride as fast as you would for a frontside 180.

Ride off the lip and gather yourself in the air. Turn your shoulders in the direction you are going. Pull your knees up as much as you can and spread your arms in the air. Now, you can land in your “normal” direction.



10/15/2007 1:05:17 PM
tc said:

Caballerial is a fakie frontside 360 (skateboarding). your thinking of a half cab (fakie frontside 180)


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