Jump High and Far

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Will I ever be able to perform a jump with my snowboard?

Jump High and Far

The next step after you are comfortable with straight airs and landings is to add a spin. The frontside 180 is a trick that should be done off of a snowboard jump.

First, survey the jump and figure out where the landing should be and how fast you'll have to be going to get there. When you know you can make the landing safely without going too short or overshooting it, hike up and begin.

To do: begin riding with your arms down and relaxed. Ride off the lip, do not jump, allow your momentum to bring you up. Turn your shoulders frontside (so the front of your board is higher in the air) and start to bring your knees up as you reach the peak of your height.

Rotate your upper body and let your legs follow so that you are facing the direction you will be going. Land on both feet with knees bent.



10/15/2006 4:49:30 PM
the hunter said:

I liked the way you explained how to do a 180 degree turn, i was wondering if a 360 degree turn is the same but with more spin and more height, i would like to see 360,and 540 spins posted

3/3/2007 3:19:39 PM
suckit said:

put in if you have to len forward or back.


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