Perfect your Technique

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Are there special snowboarding techniques I need to master before learning tricks?

Perfect your Technique

One of the snowboarding techniques you'll need to learn before performing a frontside air snowboard trick in the pipe is a frontside turn. A frontside air is a turn with front of your board higher than the back of your board, accept it is two feet (and later more) above the edge of the pipe.

To do: ride across the flat bottom of the pipe, arms by your sides, knees bent. Ride up the wall, slowly raising your arms. Ride off the lip – don't jump, just keep riding off. After the tail of the board is off the lip, bring your knees to your chest.

Reach down and grab the board between your feet once you reach the high point. As you start to let go of your board, aim your shoulder at a landing place you have spotted. Land as high on the wall as possible.



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