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Can I be a professional snowboarder?

Be A Pro

Becoming a professional snowboarder is all about exposure. There are different levels of sponsorship, and you can enter at any level and rise at any speed.

  • Amateur / regional sponsored snowboarders are expected to ride their local area and compete. They may receive one board, a pair of boots, and clothing for free.
  • Pro-am snowboarders perform for photographers or film-makers looking for new talent. These pro-am riders, between amateur and pro may receive a couple boards, a discounted season pass and opportunity to make incentives if they get photos or video coverage.
  • The established pro travels several times a year to perform. They are recognized by name, have a distinct style and role, get consistent print and video coverage, and receive a salary plus travel expenses and total product lines.
  • The super pros make a living snowboarding. These are the athletes who have one or more signature model pro snowboards, videos, magazines, spend the year traveling, gain endorsements and royalties all the time.



1/19/2009 11:45:41 AM
snowboard freak said:

im a snowboarder who's been boarding for about 6 years,so i know my stuff up the mountain.knowing how to become a pro boarder is mean,but you need to also know about the reginal comps and the plateu ski campionships..if you can get sponsored locally,youve got a good chance of going pro..these tips are good so listen to them..:p


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