Stick or Steer?

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How do I steer the snowboard?

Stick or Steer?

A few snowboarding tips for learning and practicing steering movements:

When you steer, you pivot the board around a point midway between the bindings. In situations such as bumps, steep slopes and some freestyle tricks this pivot point may be further forward or backward- as you steer.

Move your feet interdependently. Twist your front foot in the direction of the turn while pushing the rear foot away from the turn. Try not to push the tail out abruptly.

Tail should follow tip smoothly in a round arc, each movement of the front foot complimented by a movement of the back foot.



1/25/2008 9:14:36 PM
Pia said:

Twisting your foot is not a good way to learn to steer! You control the turn and the direction by pressing on the egde of the board. Trying to steer by twisting your feet will most likely cause you to catch an edge and fall.


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