Snow Board Frequently Asked Questions

What training regimen do professional snowboarders use?

What kind of strength training should be employed for snowboarding?

Are there any snowboard training exercises I should avoid?

How do I choose the right snowboard?

How do I know if I am regular or goofy foot?

How wide should I make the stance between my snowboard bindings?

How do I know what stance angles to use for my snowboard bindings?

How do I choose a pair of snowboard boots?

How do I choose a pair of snowboard bindings?

How do I keep my snowboard properly tuned?

How do I choose a snowboard helmet?

How do I strap on my snowboard bindings?

What is the difference between traditional and step in bindings?

What are the basics of learning to snowboard?

Which models of Flow snowboard bindings are available this year?

Which models of Ride snowboard bindings are available this year?

Which models of Drake snowboard bindings are available this year?

Which models of Northwave snowboard boots are available this year?

Which models of Vans snowboard boots are available this year?

Which models of Ride snowboards are available this year?

Which models of Arbor snowboards are available this year?

What models of Never Summer snowboards are available this year?

What models of Option snowboard are available this year?

What models of Rossignol snowboards are available this year?

What models of Technine snowboard bindings are available this year?

What models of Agency snowboard bindings are available this year?

What 2005 models of Giro helmet are available?

Is it worth taking a snowboarding lesson?

Are there kids specific snowboards?

Where should beginning snowboarders practice?

How do I toe side edge?

How do I heel side edge?

How do I heel side edge with a high stance?

How do I steer the snowboard?

How do I shift my weight without falling?

Why should I learn how to fall?

Do lots of people snowboard?

What is special about snowboard boots?

What makes snowboard boots so stable?

Are hard snowboard boots or soft snowboard boots better?

What are rossignol snowboard boots like?

Should I try Northwave snowboard boots?

Does Vans make snowboard boots?

Are Ride snowboard boots lightweight?

What is different about Ride snowboard boots?

Do most companies make women's snowboard boots?

What companies make snowboarding helmets?

What are Giro snowboard helmets?

Why should I wear a snowboard helmet, they are not mandatory by law.

How do I look good when wearing a helmet?

Do all good snowboarders wear helmets?

Who is Danny Kass?

What does Danny Kass do?

Who is Marc Frank Montoya?

Can I be a professional snowboarder?

Do all professional snowboarders race and compete together?

What are ride snowboards?

What makes ride snowboards special?

What should I know about ride snowboards before buying one?

What are arbor snowboards known for?

Does Option make a snowboard that is good for me?

Isn't Rossignol a ski company?

What is the Never Summer snowboarding company about?

What are Smokin' Snowboards?

Do Venue snowboards have anything special to offer?

Are Flow snowboards worth trying?

Can I test boards before I buy them?

What are the important factors to know before I buy a snowboard?

What factors determine how snowboards are made?

What safety gear do I need when snowboarding?

Can I pick what kind of snowboard safety gear looks good on me?

How do I protect my eyes from the sun and snow?

Why should I get snowboard wrist guards?

Do snowboarders have to act or ride any special way when on the mountain?

What kind of snowboard pack should I get?

Where should I snowboard in the U. S.?

Where shouldn't I snowboard in the U. S.?

What are the best snowboarding resorts?

Is snowboarding a popular vacation in other countries?

When can I snowboard when it is less expensive than during my kids school vacations?

What do I need for backcountry snowboarding?

Is there special gear for backcountry snowboarding?

Who can I learn snowboarding best from?

Do I need to have snowboarding tools with me when I board?

What is the point of locking up my snowboard?

What is the best kind of snowboarding tool to buy?

How do I look?

What should my snowboarding gloves be made of?

Is there lots of snowboard apparel I can choose from?

What is so special about snowboard gloves?

Should I wear ski pants when snowboarding?

Gloves or mittens?

How do I keep my hands dry and warm when snowboarding?

Can women do tricks as well as men?

How are snowboarding jackets different from ski jackets?

What is an easy snowboarding trick I can learn on my own?

Are there special snowboarding techniques I need to master before learning tricks?

What are some of the more difficult snowboarding tricks?

Will I ever be able to perform a jump with my snowboard?

What are some tricky moves I can show my friends?

I'm a good snowboarder, but don't know any tricks. Can I try something more advanced?

What are some good snowboard videos I can buy?

Are there how-to snowboarding videos out there?

Are snowboarding movies instructional or only for entertainment?

Is reading up on different boards the best way to pick a snowboard to buy?

How am I doing?

Do snowboard bindings need to be tuned or adjusted?

What do snowboard bindings do?

What is the most popular type of snowboard binding?

What are baseless bindings?

How come some bindings have three straps?

Are hard snowboard bindings a good idea for me?

Should I try step-in or strap-in bindings?

What is a well-known name in snowboard bindings?

What do Drake snowboard bindings do?

What does Ride do with bindings?

Do advanced riders use the same type of snowboard bindings as beginners?

What is the easiest type of snowboard binding to use?

Is it worth having a bag for my snowboard?

What does a snowboard bag do?

Is Dakine a good brand?

How often should I tune my snowboard?

What do I need to have in order to tune my own board?

How do I keep the edges of my board from getting too dull?

How often should I wax my snowboard?

How do I wax my own snowboard?

Recent Snow Board Questions

Q. What size snowboard bindings do i need if my boot is a 9 1/2...
Small,mediam,or large.

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Q. I need to know if I need to get my board waxed right after I buy it if I buy it brand new or if it should already come freshly waxed in the package...
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Q. HI. i was wondering what size snowboard i should buy my girl friend. She is 5 foot 2 inches and weighs about 105. Also do i have the right size board? i am 6 foot tall and weigh 155 and i am riding a 161. sometimes it feels too long for me. thanks for your help.
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Q. What size snowboard bindings do I need for a Women`s size 10 snowboard boot?
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Q. I have just bought a new board and someone said i need to get it waxed and de-tuned.Is this correct and what does this involve.
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Q. if i weigh 155lbs. and have a size 11 boot what size board should i get
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Q. My boards ptex on the bottom has big air pockets that sometimes reach the rails. In other words the surface is lifting off the board in some spots. If I just heat the ptex enough will it reattach to the board. If not what can i do without having to get it resurfaced
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Q. what raw materials are snowboards made of?
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Q. I am 14 years old and my friend says I`m really good at snowboard cross, how do I get sponsored?
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Q. how do you know which is the nose and which end is the tail of a new snowboard and if the bindings are set up for ordinary or fakey
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Q. Is it ok to carry snowboards on a car bike rack?
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Q. do you have to put a stumppad on your snowboard. if you do can you take them of and add a new one?
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Q. After buying a snowboard how much "stuff" do I have to buy just to keep up on all the maintenance ? Its not nessary to spend hundreds of dollars just on tools, right ? And what things are nessary to keep up the maintenance of a snowboard ?
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Q. iget thehole thing about a snowboard size depends on hieght and weight and shoe size but i need to know my exact size for a snowboard.
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Q. How does the angle on your bindings affect the ride of the snowboard?
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Q. I just bought a 161cm Head snowboard and am moving overseas. I am looking for a bag that will protect my board on the transatlantic flight. What size do I need? Should it be over 161cm to accomodate my bindings?
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Q. When you buy a new board is there anything you have to do before "hitting" the slopes? I know when you buy new skates you have to sharpen them first. Do you have to wax your board first?
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Q. What is the proper technique to be used for turning? I`m a beginner and i use regular stance.
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Q. I just bought an Option Sweetie 141. I`m 5`2" at 100 lbs with size 6 boots. I want to know whether I should have bought the Option Sweet 142, you know, whether there was a major difference. Sweetie is $179 and Sweet is $300.
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Q. when using taditional binding setup, do u have to use snowboarding boots, or can you just use your own common boot?
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Q. hey-
tryin to find the perfect new board but there are so many choices!-can i get some help? im 5`11, 10/11 womens boot, 120 lbs and riding pipe so its gotta be a bit shorter and lighter. any suggestions? thanks so much!
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Q. My son has trouble keeping the screws on his bindings tight. Is there any way to fix this problem?
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Q. Iíve been boarding for around 10 years and in pretty good shape, 5`9", 205. Im heading out to Whistler Blackcomb in early March. I was wondering if you could give me a good work out plan with some good stretching, cardio, and weight lifting for me to do before i go so I can take advantage of the whole mountain and also so I am not all sore through out the whole trip. I was also wondering how much in advance should I start working out, thanks a lot!
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Q. Hi! I was wondering if it is correct that my snowboard is longer in front than in the back. i ride with my left foot first and the bart of the board in front of me is langer than the part behind my right foot. Is it supposed to be this way?Or shall it be opposite? Thank you for your help. From Hanne, Norway
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Q. I`m out of snowboard wax and am going on a trip tomorrow, is there something else I could use that I may have at home?
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Q. Hi,
I`m about 5`8, 161 but a 10.5/11 boot. What should be the waist of my board? I`m searching for a 159/161 board. Do you think it is ok? I don`t want a huge board because I`m still learning, but I`m afraid of toe drag.
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Q. I need to tune up a older board that has not been used in a couple years. I am pretty handy and feel as though I could do it myself. I am looking for info and/or the best website to learn about how to do this. (Perferrably with pictures)
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Q. Hey whats up i just got a new forum recon for x-mas haven`t used it yet but i got it machine waxed do you think that will be ok if i us it tommorrow on the slopes instead of getting it hot waxed.
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Q. I`m 6` and I want to know what snowboard length is right for me? Also I read stats about different pros and it mentions thing like the degree that their front foot is turned and how far their stance is. Do I go with whatever feels comfortable?
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Q. i`m right footed but which foot do i need to put front to ride snowboard?
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Q. i just got a burton cruzer 155 for christmas. i took it out once and went riding for about 5 hours. now what do i do? do i need to have the edges tuned or what should i do to them?i know i should get it waxed after a couple times but i just want to know what i should do with the edges.thenx a lot.

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Q. Hello, I just purchased a Morrow Siphon Snowboard. I love the board but I did not notice that it only has three pairs of inserts for both the front and rear binding. Most boards I see have four. It is limiting my front foot. I am maxed out on the widest setting for my front foot and it is still too narrow. I was wondering how one might go about adding an extra pair of insterts for my front foot. I know this step is one of the last when a board is made so I figure it can probably be done.

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Q. Where did the term goofy originally come from?
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Q. I just bought a K2 Access 158 and a pair of Drake F50 bindings. I am brand new to the snowboarding scene this year and I am having trouble finding installation instructions for how to attach the bindings to the snowboard properly.

Do you have links to some good instruction sites? It would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

Paul J. Pethalsky
Sapporo, Japan
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Q. i`m looking to buy a new snowboard, but i have no idea what to get. i`m about 5`1" tall, 110 pounds, shoe size about a 6. i`m relatively new to snowboarding, sticking mostly to carving down the blues, or very slowly down the black diamonds, but i think i might be interested in attempting some park stuff this year, nothing too advanced. what board should i get that`s good for carving without being too difficult to handle, and still works for beginner park stuff?
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Q. my husband and I are recreational snow boarders. We don`t do the parks but would go down the greens and blues and even black trails. we are planning on buying FLOW bindings. Which styles do you recommend? we currently use strap bindings.
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Q. I am 5`6" tall, weight about 155 lbs., shoe size 9. What size of snowboard should I choose?
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Q. Just got a board for parents know as much about sizing as I do, little. I have a 153cm board and Im 5`9" and 135lbs. However, the board width is 24.8cm and Im a size 9, my foot hangs off about an inch front and back. Is this gonna kill me on the slopes? I tend to stick to blues and intrested in the this setup gonna be alright?
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Q. I just bought a Ride Catalyst and I was wondering if I needed to have it tuned like my skies. I am going out tomorrow and want to take it with me but if I need to get it tuned i won`t have time...PLZ HELP!!!
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Q. How much toe drag is too much. My girlfriend is 5 10` and has a size 9 shoe, Is the K2 Skyla (2005) too narrow? Waist width=23.8. To and heal hang over close to an inch on both sides.
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Q. Hey
I want to buy a snowboard but Im not sure about the height, width and stance, Im 6 00 ft and about 160lbs . Ive done snowboarding before but never paid close attention when I rented the snowboard. Now I wanna buy one but I just don`t want to buy the wrong stuff. Thanks
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Q. Hello,i recentley bought the 2004 Option redline 58 of e-bay.I also bought a pair of 32 snowboard boots size 12.Now,i need to find the right bindings.I read that the ideal overhang for a snowboard is .5/inch.Thats exactly what mine is right now.I am 5"9-5"10 and 220LBS.I need advice on a good binding,nothing too expensive,as i am a beginner.
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Q. I ride an Arbor S-Series 159 and Flow bindings. I have a set of Palmer plates on my board. I am 5`9 1/2" and weigh 200. I am returning from a fractured ankle from last season and want to know what I might do differently with my stance to reduce the risk of further injury. Is it too wide?
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Q. I am 6`6" about 180 w/ size 12 shoe. Im looking to get a new board this weekend. I am fairly new to snowboarding (only vacation experience) and was looking for some tips. From what I`ve found, I need 160+cm length board and about 26cm width. I keep hearing longer boards are harder and for my height, they say get a longer board. I dont want to get in over my head, though I am experienced enough to start small jumps. I will be using it mostly at Breckingridge, Co but I live in Ohio and will use it here as well. So ....powder mostly and powder. I was looking at the Burton Custom, though it is pricey as well as the K2 Access. If you have any general tips on a board for me, whether its these 2 or not, please let me know...also I need bindings and know absolutely nothing about them and where at on the board I should put them. (I will not be using this on the pipe or for much jumping). thanks a ton,

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Q. Hey,

I am going to borrow a friend of mines board. I am 8 and a half stone and 5`6 ish. His board is 156cm, do you think would be ok for me?

Also, am i still able to use it if he boards goofy and i board regular and just get the bindings changed around. Sorry if that is a really silly question :)

Thanks Sarah
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Q. lookin at nidecker boards. tryin to decide between the Platinum 163length 253waist and Blade 163length 266waist,both all mountains. i`m 5`11", 170lbs, 12/12.5 boot. the obvious choice Blade b/c of my boot size, but thinking about base plates on the Platinum. finally saved enough money and want a nice/correct board. whats the smallest and/or largest waist to ride with my boats, whoops i mean boots? thanks
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Q. I`m 5`9, 160 what size board should I get?
If I got a 153 cm would that be okay?
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Q. I am looking to buy a snowboard for my son. He`s 12 yrs old, 85 lbs, and about 4`6". Looking at a Burton Punch. Suggestion on the size? Thanks
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Q. I want to get my son a nice beginner snowboard. He is 5`1", 100 lbs. Could you give me some suggestions are what to get for him, please? Thanks.

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Q. I am curious if a swallow tail is the right type of board for me. I live near Tahoe, so I get great steep riding in with a few good powder days a year. I am not however a park rider. I weigh 200libs, and have a size 12 boot. I am currently on a Ride board, but want something stiffer, as well as more aggressive. What are the downfalls of this type of board?
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